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Cases in which DNA testing may be suggested include: *Family Petitions (I-130 Petitions) *Immigrant Visa Applications *Consular Report of Birth (CRBA) *Asylee & Refugee Relative Petitions *Applications for Certificate of Citizenship *Orphan Petitions *International Adoptions *Passport Applications If you are preparing for a DNA collection, you will likely need to provide a buccal sample. A buccal sample is taken by swabbing the inside of the cheek or mouth with a cotton swab for cells.

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? Partnered with Quest Diagnostics & LabCorp: We're proud to be affiliated with industry leaders, ensuring accuracy and quality in every test we process. ? Same-Day and Weekend Services: Busy schedule? No problem! We offer same-day and weekend blood draw services to accommodate your needs. ? Mobile Blood Draws: Can't make it to the lab? We'll come to YOU! Our mobile phlebotomy team offers at-home or office blood draws for your convenience.

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? What is Autologous Dry Eye Serum? ? It's a groundbreaking treatment designed to soothe your dry eyes using your own body's natural healing power. We mix your blood serum with saline to produce customized just for you, this serum offers relief like never before.

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