October 22, 2016


St. Johns County Taxation

County Sales Tax:
No additional sales tax

Hotel/Motel Tax: 9%, 3%
Local Option on short-term rentals/6 months or less.

Gasoline Tax: $0.06 per gallon

County Millage Rate:
Total millage rates vary among taxing districts in St. Johns County (all figures are per $1000 of value).
St. Johns County unincorporated areas: 14.5046 - 14.7600

City of St. Augustine Total: 20.3112
St. Augustine Beach Total: 16.3560
Town of Hastings Total: 21.4426
Ponte Vedra Beach Municipal Svc Dist: 14.8556

School Millage Rate
(included in all districts): 7.721

Check the St. Johns County web site for the Distribution of Millage at: www.sjcpa.us

State of Florida Taxation

State personal income tax: None
(prohibited by the state constitution)

Corporate franchise tax levied on capital stock: None

State-level ad valorem taxes: None

Tax on goods-in-transit: None

State sales tax on electricity used in manufacturing: None

State Sales Tax: 6%

Corporate Income Tax: 5.5% of net profit over $5000.
Subchapter S corporations are currently exempt

Gasoline Tax: $0.149 per gallon

Intangible Personal Property Tax (IPPT)
Beginning January 1, 2007, individuals, married couples, personal representatives of estates, and businesses are no longer required to file an annual intangible personal property tax return reporting their stocks, bonds, mutual funds, money market funds, shares of business trusts, and unsecured notes.

Not all intangible taxes have been repealed. Then intangible tax on leases of government-owned real property and the one-time intangible tax on notes secured by a mortgage on Florida real property are still in effect.

Source: Dennis Hollingsworth, St. Johns County Tax Collector; Sharon Outland; St. Johns County Property Appraiser; and the Florida Department of Revenue.

Last Page Update: November 6,2008

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