Isabelle Rodriguez

President / CEO
904-829-5681 ext. 53

The St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce concentrates its efforts on continuously improving the business environment in St. Johns County. We serve our constituency through focusing on Economic Development, Business Advocacy, Member Education and Business Promotion.

In March of 2015, our Board of Directors unanimously approved an ambitious three year plan with measurable goals and objectives focused on both internal improvements within the Chamber, and external improvements to the service of our members and to the local economy. In order to accomplish these goals, we developed the Innovate, Elevate, Accelerate Plan which can be viewed here.

If you believe a growing and vibrant business community is important to St. Johns County, welcome to the Chamber of Commerce.


                                                                                       ph: 904-829-5681
                                                                                        fx: 904-829-6477

Greg Voss
Vice President of
904-829-5681 ext. 51

Declan Reiley
Vice President of 
Economic Development
904-829-5681 ext. 55

Lin Jones
Director, Ponte Vedra
Beach Division
904-285-2004 ext. 42

Debra Bulak
Membership Manager
904-829-5681 ext. 54

Lucia Miller
Tourism Coordinator
904-285-2004 ext. 43

Jane McDaniel
Administrative Assistant

Samuel Ruiz
Sales & Marketing Manager
904-829-5681 ext 57

Beau Phillips
Communications Manager
904-829-5681 ext. 52

Bob Porter
Government Relations Manager
904-829-5681 ext. 49

Cassandra Ryder
904-829-5681 ext. 56