CNPMentors LLC



About Us

CNPMentors is a company founded on the idea that we need quality education in the payments, risk and fraud ecosystem beyond events and webinars.

We offer educational content, mostly videos, starting with the basics and working up to advanced topics all taught by experts in the field.

We also offer these combined with optional add-on services so merchants of all sizes can access the experts they need.

Our top services and what our founder, Scott, is known for is our Chargeback, Dispute and Fraud Monitoring Program Rescue service. This service helps merchants to navigate the card brand (Visa, Mastercard) monitoring programs, figure out why they got in them and then help them to change their businesses to, once and for all, lower their chargeback rates. We also love helping merchants early in their evolution to start processing payments and fighting fraud so that they don't get in to trouble in the first place.

On the education side, we are creating videos to train professionals in fraud, risk and payments starting with our free mini-course, Chargeback, Dispute and Fraud Monitoring Programs. Many more classes will be created to further this goal as well.