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As one of the largest public adjuster firms in Florida, Five Star Claims Adjusting has handled over 30,000 insurance claims in Florida, recovering over $500 million in insurance proceeds on behalf of our clients. We are bonded, insured, and licensed through the Florida Department of Financial Services.

We level the playing field and maximize the benefits under your insurance policy. We represent you, the policyholder, and not the insurance company. Insurance companies have adjusters working for them, so why not have one working for you? We fight for you and help maximize your claim for a quick, fair and just recovery.

The claims process can be complicated, and it is important that your claim is presented correctly to the insurance company the first time. Let our Five Star Florida public insurance claims adjusters help you navigate any landmines and avoid any missteps. The average homeowner’s policy is roughly forty pages filled with exclusions, endorsements, and provisions, which are constantly changing.

Property damage doesn’t have to be catastrophic (such as a hurricane or fire) in order to file a claim. Even small roof leaks and small plumbing issues can result in more expensive repairs than you would expect. After all, this is why you pay your insurance premium year after year. Those seemingly small issues can turn into much bigger issues down the road such as mold or more extensive damage. Property damage will not fix itself.

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