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Saliva testing is a non-invasive collection method where patients collect their saliva in plastic tubes in order to measure hormones like cortisol, estrogens, progesterone, and androgens. This non-invasive saliva collection is ideal for patients because i

saliva hormone panels

Saliva testing proves to be more effective than blood testing when searching for “free” hormone levels. Some hormones, in particular steroid hormones, bind to hormone carrier proteins in the blood, making them unavailable to target tissues.

Consequently, the concentration of hormones in the blood is higher than in the saliva. Saliva panels measure the bioavailable hormone levels, which better relate to hormonal imbalances. 

Additionally, consistent hormone panels can monitor changes during perimenopause, menopause, and andropause. Alongside additional diagnostic tests, saliva hormone panels can indicate hormonal imbalances and potential disorders. You may also use these panels to track the efficacy of lifestyle changes (exercise, diet, etc.) and treatments.

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